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Whaleshark is a family owned and operated holding company and advisory firm focused on achieving successful outcomes for all clients and strategic partners across Whaleshark's profit driven and mission driven portfolios. Whaleshark focuses on direct investment, strategic advisory, private credit and investor introductions.

Guiding Principles

Whaleshark strives to keep all partners moving forward towards their goals in an efficient, effective and enjoyable manner. Our team prides itself on being responsive, personable, attentive and when appropriate, fun. We believe synergistic partnerships should be enjoyable for all and that when both sides lean into a common mission, success should not only be achievable but exciting and gratifying.

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Whaleshark was founded to continue the great work of the successful, charismatic, and generous, George A. “Tony” Whaling, a wonderful man, entrepreneur, father, and friend. Tony constantly shows up, stays in, gives back, and makes a huge difference in the lives of all those he encounters in business and life. His business partners become friends and vice versa, and they achieve great things together.

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